Please Help GPU issue on Win11

I’m tryinig to use Windows 11s game mode settings to make Halo MCC on Steam use my onboard GPU and not my gaming GPU because my gaming GPU is a GTX 285, yet when I set the exe of mcc to power saver (intel onboard) it still tells me bad graphics driver because the 285 is too old. I’ve even completely uninstalled the driver and it still happens. Please help. I was thinking maybe even installing my GTX 28 5 driver first then the Intel graphics driver and see if that does it or not.

What onboard GPU do you have? Is it possible the Intel onboard is also not powerful enough to play the game or have you checked that already?

My CPU is a Intel i5 8400 8th or 9th gen i believe, when the GTX 285 is not installed it works just fine. Just a huge pain having to remove my GPU every time I want to play, especially with needing my 2nd monitor active.