Please help- Corrupted forge map files

Since the latest update this morning, I am unable to load a forge map that I have put many hours into working on! It seems to load up just fine at first. I can see the map through the initial camera, and the lighting generates, but then it gets stuck on 0 during the countdown. Just says Respawning in… 0
Other maps are working now, but all of a sudden this one seems corrupted. It doesn’t have too many pieces or anything. This happens in forge and when I try to load it in a custom game. I tried to upload it to my file share and redownload it. I tried saving it as a new file. Nothing.
Has as anyone encountered this problem? Any way to fix it? I am so defeated by losing this nap. So many hours of work just lost in an instant!

If someone from 343 could please help, I would really appreciate it!

Are you serious?!? No reply?! How can someone get support from 343 regarding this game?? There is no customer service phone number, and they don’t monitor/respond to forum posts… What gives?

The exact same thing has been happening to me! I had maps on MCC that I had put hours of work into and had made when I was a little kid! Now they’re all gone and when I checked my files it said they had all been corrupted and I can’t figure out why!