Please help! (Banned from voice for a week?)

This is totally uncalled for. I am 100% sure i did nothing wrong neither did my friends we weren’t trash talking or anything. We shouldn’t have to pay like this banned for a week from halo4 because our internet provider has issues I’ve already called timewarner about the lag. Its not our fault… :frowning: Please Let me know whats going on… At least unban us Muffinz213, xRAWRKITTYx and Phantomfury04 we were all playing then it lagged out and now says we are banned from voice?? We are always taking crap from people because we are girls. Let us know what we can do to fix this please…

Lag has NOTHING to do with voice communication. You were muted by way too many people. Whether that be legit muting or people just abusing the mute system, it’s a flaw with the system.

But you can still use party chat with your friends.