Please have the AR look like the AR in the earlier halo games

Assuming it is in Halo 4, I would like to have it look like it does in Halo 3, and ODST, and CEA. I think these ARs are by far the coolest of the ARs in Halo.

I hope it plays like the Halo 3 one. That was it’s prime, if you ask me. The Reach AR is simply too weak to be useful.

Halo 3 AR mechanics are great but the design blew.

> Halo 3 AR mechanics are great but the design blew.

i liked the design of the 3/odst/ assault rifle, but it looks almost 2d imo (really thin)

Same here, I think the CEA assault rifle looks best however. I hope they use a combination of that and the 3,and ODST one. I think the reach one is more powerful but looks dumber.

I actually like how it was in Reach. For a slayer game where everyone has the same weapon. The game is fun, but if it is a DMR game, then no the AR is WAY too weak. Maybe in Halo: 4, they should make it a little stronger, but not too much.

CE AR was the best. In truth, it was closer to a machine gun. I would love to see what their actual LMGs look like if that was an assault rifle. And I don’t mean any kind of Reach-ed out polygonal -Yoink!-. I mean clean, simple, devastating.


> Same here, I think the CEA assault rifle looks best however. I hope they use a combination of that and the 3,and ODST one. I think the reach one is more powerful but looks dumber.

It’s actually weaker in Reach.

Let’s look at Grunts.

  • Halo CE’s AR can kill a Grunt in 3-5 rounds and as an added bonus the rounds can go through targets so you can kill a line of Grunts with the same 3-5 rounds if you’re good.
  • Halo 3’s AR lacks the go-through-target ability but still around 3-5 rounds to kill a Grunt. More accurate though and in 1-2 round bursts you can get some nice range out of it.
  • Reach’s AR though you might be using 8-15 rounds to kill a Grunt depending on the rank. It’s around 15 for the ones with the armored helmet, the regular orange ones close to 8-10. The gun is the most accurate for the first 1-2 shots but after that accuracy will degrade faster than the H3 or CE AR in burst or auto fire.

Basically that means that if fired in 1-2 shot bursts it can be more accurate, but it is weaker while the H3 and CE ARs though not as pinpoint accurate still maintain decent accuracy (iffy on the CE AR for obvious reasons) at range and are more stable in burst and auto fire with their accuracy (especially the Halo 3 AR) degrading at a slower rate.

Add to that the CE AR having a 60 round mag plus 600 reserve and the H3 AR having a 32 round mag with 352 reserve, compared to the Reach AR with a 32 round mag and 288 reserve rounds…it’s weaker and has less ammo overall. 0.o

On topic, since it’s after Halo 3 I’d assume we’d still have the MA5C rifle from that game. I hope the sound has been beefed up though, I didn’t mind the sound for H3’s AR but I won’t disagree that it could have been better.

i dont care what kind of AR just not the Reach AR,it looks terrible and its just ugly,would prefer HALO 2 or HALO 3 AR

I agree with OP, the versions in H:CE, H3, and ODST did look better, looked very neat and streamlined, and like a real assault rifle of the future. In Reach, they took off the grip, made it all angular and clunky looking, not only that, it was the weakest, the slowest and held the least ammo- as established earlier. And, oh, how I hated killing Grunts in Reach with it (Heroic or higher), half a mag to kill one of those white Grunts- really? I mean seriously, come on. They just reduced the amount of Grunts on the battlefield and made them harder to kill, whereas in CE, they were a ton of them, but you could just mow them down- tons of fun.

One thing I did like about the MA37 in Reach though was its ease-of-use, with the larger aiming reticule that bloomed in the middle- larger hitscan while still having range on par with the H3 version. Whereas the H3 version was faster and stronger (and sexier), that little aiming reticule made it a little harder to use- especially in close quarters, I mean, it’s no target rifle, it’s still spray and pray, no need to make the reticule almost like the BR. The Reach version sounded pretty cool too- reminded me of an AK, H3 sounded horrible, like a dang sewing machine, CE version- easily the best bark.

H:CE version was perfect, well, for what role it played- a lead-spitting spray and pray easy-to-use automatic weapon that wasn’t exactly powerful or accurate, but was a formidable weapon for enemies at close to mid range, and fun as hell to use. Then they tried to change the role of it in H3, and reduced the ammo/mag to 32 -________- which is the worst decision they could ever make concerning the assault rifle.