PLEASE GLANCE AT THIS! 343i and the community

Hey guys so bare with me here for a minute. I know this is long but please read. I’ve been following a lot of the threads on here over the past week or so about the problems with halo and, what everyone has been talking about of course,the specialization codes. This is my first post here so take it easy on me. Obviously they keep extending deadlines for the code and just blatantly ignore us or choose to keep us in the dark about what they have been working on. I have sent x-play, the show on G4, an email asking them to have a follow up episode on Halo 4 or atleast a segment about its progress so far and to touch on things like the lack of communication and their disrespect for the community up until this point. I’m asking you also to email them about revisiting H4. I do ask though if you do email them to keep it polite and to merely be factual and calm. You don’t want them to think we’re all just trashing 343i and Bungie fan boys or something. I just believe at this point the only way 343i will start to listen to us is if something bigger then just the waypoint forums is talking about these problems. Thank you for your time and please don’t start trashing me. It’s just something I thought of and thought maybe if enough people agreed and did the same 343i would wake up and get their act together.