Please give us XBL Gold compensation?

Because I bought my subscription solely for this game, and that hasn’t turned out so well. It would be a nice gesture and wouldn’t be too difficult to do, and it would cost them next to nothing.

You’re barking up the wrong tree. Go and complain to Microsoft. 343industries can’t give out XBL Gold as they’re a developer of Halo games and nothing else.

A month of free Gold would be nice for people who have the game already. I’m sure their stats would show who adopted it early before we knew about this problem. :wink: I just want it fixed at this point, no matter what we get, if anything.

This is what I thoughtn too. I bought a 1 month for this game and now it seems my One month is being wasted while 343 /microsoft tries to save face. They should give us free XBL for however long it takes to fix the game

Good luck with that one…you do know they can simply say “well XBL has other uses besides just one game”. That’s not really their fault you bought Live to play one game.