Please give us something more akin to MCC Progression

Look, I really love Halo Infinites gameplay so far, don’t get me wrong. The art style, new sandbox and music are all amazing too. However, as a lot of people are expressing, the progression system is slowly killing my enjoyment.

While I still try to focus on objectives in my games and not go straight for challenges, a lot of my friends (who are first time Halo player’s) dont really do the same, as progressing is a higher priority for them. And honestly i get it, progressing in Halo games has always been a big part of the enjoyment for me.

I understand 343 is already planning on making an alternate progression system, but Id even argue that it needs to help with the speed of the battlepass, else the core issue wouldnt really be addressed. Its changing how people play the game.
If I go 20/3 and win a slayer match, thats awesome right? But then to see really… nothing to show for that good performance at the end of the game? It just dampens the experience. For me at least.

Honestly I had almost no qualms with MCCs system, and I dont understand why we couldnt just have that (xp per game based on performance with challenges being a side objective to boost progress). I mean i guess i do understand why, it’s money.

Please 343, Im more than willing to buy a battlepass every 4-6 months, but not if its going to take two hours for every single level. I have a life, you know?