Please give the Sidekick (optional) full-auto. This weapon literally hurts me to use it. (Yeah, I'm old)

I get that the younger players have no trouble tapping a weapon that fires 365 rpm on a controller. But for me it is just a painful process. One full triggerpull is roughly 12 mm. A mouseclick is less than a mm. I cannot compete with younger players with this weapon and I cannot compete against people using a mouse.

For me using the Sidekick feels like I’m driving in a car that can’t go past 60 miles/hour, but I’m driving on a highway where I’m allowed to drive 80 miles/hour and I’m in a racing game with the other cars.

For this reason I try to skip Quickplay and Big Team Battle as much as possible. I only go there when I have specific challenges to do. Which is just a shame really, because I’m missing big parts of the game.

PLEASE, 343i. Other weapons in the game fire full-auto. The Commando for example has roughly the same firerate as the Sidekick. Also weapons that don’t even NEED full-auto because the firerate is so slow (like the Disruptor) fire full-auto.

Just a simple on/off toggle. It can even be added to the weapon inspection screen. Maybe there are people that want the full-auto mode of the Commando turned off? That can be done in the same way.

I cannot compete against people using a mouse

PC players get full auto with the software their mouse automatically installs :unamused:

Are you for real? That’s Cronus max/zen next level. :neutral_face:

Bind a secondary key for “Fire” to mouseup/mousedown, then just scroll the mouse wheel in that direction. :wink:

Bind a secondary key for “Fire” to mouseup/mousedown, then just scroll the mouse wheel in that direction. :wink:

Okay, now I ABSOLUTELY need to have full-auto on my Sidekick. :frowning_face:

Eh, they would have to add a slower fire rate limit if they did that which I’m kinda mixed about.

Well pc can already technically achieve full auto on it.

But I was surprised that full auto wasnt in the settings tbh where you can just hold the trigger it just fire. Other games have done it and it sure would limit the gap between people with better inputs etc.

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i like how MK users do this but complain about a 10% accuracy difference, its yalls sidekick spam lmfao

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I dunno man, people already mistake the Commando for a functional full auto weapon and use it incorrectly.

Accuracy and aim assist are very different. Both console and keyboard have bloom. Consoles also have those strike packs or whatever they’re called.

I say lower its outrageous bloom and give it a bit more damage