Please give PC the reticle color change when aiming at a target

It feels so awkward without a color change to the reticle because for years we have been taught subconsciously to shoot when the reticle changes color and now with the removal of that for pc I feel like my aim is way off even when I am hitting people. Please give us back the reticle color change


They turned it off because people can easily script “when reticle is red shoot” or something like that. It’s the same for controller too.


It can be abused for aimbots yes, but so can just setting it to aim for the head bone of the character model has the same effect. Aimbots have already been sighted by some players as it is.

No PC players have proven that they cannot have nice things because when given an inch they’ll take a mile and write scripts and cheat in the game.


Rust got so bad at one point that people were buying mice with memorization functions built into them, so Facepunch had to spend time opening that can of worms. haha.

The joys of computers :smiley:

I didn’t even notice that. Must have imagined it was red all this time. Too funny how the mind works!

Bro console is just as easy to hack get over yourself

That’s hilarious. Is it call of duty on consoles that’s riddled with hackers or maybe it was Apex on console that was riddled with hackers basically killing the game. ISmh don’t get your -Yoink!- all tangled up. Just was playing geez.

For real. I had no idea until now. Wanna know another mind blow? Aiming for the head doesn’t do more damage unless shields are down. Period.

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Aimbots are in a completely different league than what removing red reticle is doing, making an aimbot requires a rather large amount of knowledge. On the other hand, the average person could make an AHK script to fire when a specific pixel on the screen is red in about 5 minutes.

It’s on mcc, which is on pc with crossplay so why cant it be on infinite? Just put in a good anticheat.

The color change is on mcc, 343 just needs to use a good anti-cheat for that.

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I have no Ideo why PC doesnt have Red reticle, one of the reasons i’m on my Series S now, that and the crashes despite me having decent specs. The excuse they gave was ludicrous to say the least and only furthers the classic 343i change for the sake of change.

You can’t really react to the red reticle but I see where you’re coming from

Yes that is a mind blow!

I needed some cited sources for this one.

making an ingame anticheat that checks if the reaction time and reaction consistency in RRR is superhuman is doable. rrr cheaters would be banned quickly.

removing rrr from PC hurts general pc players by removing precision and range feedback.

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