Please give option to disable aim acceleration

Disclaimer: This topic is not about Aim Assist.

I was able to get the controller aiming to feel slightly more natural by minimizing the input deadzones and axial deadzone settings, But unfortunately there is no option to enable a linear aim-response curve (disable aim acceleration).

I noticed you tweaked the sensitivity settings and reduced the discrepancy between horizontal and vertical sensitivity. Thanks.

Please also fix the acceleration settings to allow a linear response curve (Zero aim acceleration). Keep up the great work. :+1:

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Yes please! I was going to make my own thread about this. I would also like it if they could increase aiming sens limits because i like to keep my x and y axis identical but x axis is 1.3-1.5x faster than y axis. So at x7 I can’t get a matched sens on y axis.

Halo MCC was so simple, I just set my sens to x7 y10 and I play. This game I’ve probably spent 3+ hours alone configuring and testing controls.

I would recommend this for the meantime: aim accel at max and input threshold at max. The reason I say this is because maxing aim accel settings ‘almost’ negates aim accel because it is essentially always active no matter how much tilt the thumbstick is at.

I would also recommend all players set their movement and look deadzones to as low as possible without incurring stick drift. The default control settings are trash and you want both thumbsticks as responsive as possible.

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Thank the gods. I was beginning to think I was the only one noticing this.

Everyone seems really focused on expensive colors and the aim assist conflict :sweat_smile:

I recommend filing a report on because it seems we need multiple people saying the same thing for anything to be done.

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