Please Give Love to Halo 2: Anniversary

There are a lot of small touches that could bring Halo 2: Anniversary so much further. It’s my favorite of 343’s multiplayer experiences and my second favorite of all Halo multiplayer.

The game is beautiful, but the contrast is so horrible making it incredibly hard to see. Reducing the contrast would be so wonderful, but adding a flashlight to Spartans and Elites would be a fine quick fix. People would love it for Infection gametypes.

Please add more maps. ESPECIALLY for 8v8. I don’t care if they’re just forge variants or are blatantly ported from other games, the engine offers such good Big Team options and gameplay experiences, which no one gets to experience since Matchmaking doesn’t offer them. Just played 2 Anniversary for a few hours with no games offering banshees, wraiths, or scorpions.

Please add some new cosmetics. The ORION is so good, now it’s all I see. There are so many godlike assets and models in the Anniversary campaign that I would adore to use in matchmaking. I wouldn’t be able to decide between Honor Guard or Heretic. Even basic visor colors or weapon skins would be an incredible addition.

Least importantly, if 8v8 is expanded on, I would love to see the Spectre return. Halo 4’s engine offers the framework for a two-person Covenant vehicle, seeing it fleshed out with the Anniversary Spectre model and hitboxes would be such a nice addition. I could even see the Gravity Hammer being brought back using Tartarus’ hammer model if we’re going crazy.

Most importantly, less specific to 2: Anniversary but still applicable, split-screen on PC would definitely help the matchmaking times. I’d love it if my friends and I could tackle online games on the couch together.


Fully agree. Halo 2 multiplayer really needs some love


If we ever do see Tartarus’ Fist of Rukt usable in game, I’d hope it were more powerful than a regular grab hammer, and have the ability to manipulate stuff like Half-Life’s Gravity gun.
Could you imagine carrying a mongoose or ghost in front of you and then smashing it towards your opponent.


This would be sick!

And going on that note of models already being in the game that can be used for multiplayer: why not bring models from the campaign into multiplayer that haven’t been seen in multiplayer before? ie, elite armors, skins for vehicles, and any other weapons like Tartarus’ Fist of Rukt.

And I know this is probably hype unrealistic, but what if cut content could be brought back to halo 2? 343 brought back cut armor from Reach, so maybe it’s possible for this to happen?

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I hope 343i will get H2A in the browser soon. Halo Infinite IMHO is a pain to setup a custom game. Way too many settings. I like Halo MCC better for Custom Game,


I would love to see a ton of H2A’s cut content be restored; such as the 2-seat wraith, the rocket hog, the active camo module, and the warrior armor, as well as seeing some of the unreleased content such as visors and skins that were hinted at in the files

I think it would be perfect if they ported the Halo 4 Gravity Hammer and the maps Pitfall and Ragnarok. maybe even port and finish some cut Halo 4 content too, like the Forunner Burst Shot or the the Storm Revenant (of which was basically a Specter), or the beta maps that were never seen outside of concept art or early screenshots.

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I am a bit wary of bringing TOO much content from Halo 4, as I don’t want either game to lose too much identity, but the Revenant would be such a great addition to the sandbox.