Please, for the love of my ears


inb4 turn down your T.V./Headset

I brought this up a while ago and got pretty much shot down, but I do agree with you. I’ve been wanting this feature since Halo 3. I mean, it really can’t be that difficult to implement, can it?..unless 343i has already done so.

Even though you have ‘troll’ in your name, you make a very valid point.

Sound options should extend to campaign. Looping music has infested Halo games for so long, completely eliminating the atmospheric feel that was prevalent in CE. I am tired of having to wait for music to die down (in CE and H3, it goes away if you wait at certain locations) in order to negate it. It should be possible to adjust sound in the campaign.

How many of you have played on Heroic with Iron, Famine, Tough Luck on? Well that’s a great start but this would contribute greatly to the immersion. Often the music is so loud I can’t hear what my marines/troopers are saying.

With Anniversary, I was especially disappointed. The rock anthem that plays on Silent Cartographer on Legendary is quite unappealing.