Please for the love of God

Mark your targets if you aren’t going to use mic. Especially in ranked. It tells people so much to know where players are and it helps mid engagement for team shooting purposes. It’s not bound to a button on controller, but I just swapped it with AI scan since that’s pretty much useless anyhow.


I didn’t even know you could do that how do you do it lol my bad for not knowing but I definitely will now


It’s definitely mapped to a controller button ‘Up’ on the Directional Pad, because I use it ALL the time. I ping power weapons, equipment and enemies as much as possible that way my team mates pretty much see what I see.

Oh, I kind of forgot about that feature. I also didn’t know that people would actually want that feature to be used, I thought people might find it annoying. I also completely forgot about the AI scan… Yeah sorry about not using the mark/ping feature.

I guess my setup was glitched, because mine was unbound at the start.