Please for the love of god prioritise ping or give us server select. EU (ranked) is unplayable

Today I played 6 ranked games from the UK, during EU daytime hours. The minimum ping across my games was 110ms.

On two games I had 256ms ping, of which the second I instantly quit because it is a total waste of time.

I won 2 of these 6 games, on both wins I got carried. My KD average was 0.64. I am normally an Onyx player around 1.4 kd.

Do you think I am having fun on these servers?

Due to how woeful the hit registration is on high ping it is virtually impossible to win a 1v1 on above 30/40 ping unless you have the first shot. There is no trade window for BR fights so every time I hear my 4th or 5th BR shot fire on their head it doesn’t register and I die anyway because they have better ping. Such a terrible system for online gaming.

I would happily wait 10 minutes for actual EU games rather than you match me to West Coast America or Australian servers in 2 minutes. Please give that option.

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To be fair, this is not peak time for us. Most kids are at school and adults working.

Since the update the ping from UK is horrendous.

Either 100+ ping “stable” or a unstable with packet loss ping of 50 ish.

Wtf is going on