PLEASE - For the love of all things Halo, stop playing the game

Everyone has to stop playing Infinite, or at the very least, stop buying junk from the store.

343 has shown that all the feedback and comments we make are just being ignored. You know what can’t be ignored? A game population of nearly zero, and nearly zero eStore revenue income.

This is the only power we have as players in this day and age. They will continue to ignore all our feedback and just keep pumping the Fortnite/COD players for all their worth.

If we all stop playing the game, they’ll have to make changes.




How tf did you get a post to happen with only 2 letters :flushed:.

Also, while Infinite has it’s issues, I’m still enjoying it. I live close to an MS data center and I’m on a Series X, so I honestly think my experience has been a lot better than many others, as I haven’t had to deal with a ton of technical complaints I read on here a bunch.


Two letters actually, but there’s away to do it that’s probably not something they want to be known. There are twenty characters, except the rest are all invisible.


Give them time. They are trying to fix things. Bug hunting isn’t as easy as it may seem from the outside. Any person who at least dabbled in coding will know that.
They are releasing updates focused on trying to fix current problems, so they aren’t sitting and drinking coffee.


Lol that’s what i meant; morning brain :grin:. I tried to highlight to see if there was anything hidden, but the select highlight on phones isn’t always great and I didn’t try too hard tbh.

Cheers to you beaming the system a little lol

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i WILL keep playing everyday and I may keep buying whatever afordable and attractive as long as this game keep running well on my XboxONE X and it is the case :confused: sorry is some of y’all feels frustrated


I more or less already have. I hop on maybe once every other week and really only to play with friends who ask to play. I almost never hop on solo anymore.


I already permanently stopped playing Halo Infinite last month. Not even the campaign could salvage this disaster of a game.



Community complained about challenges: Challenge changes go in

Community complained about match score: Band-aid match score challenges go in until match score can be properly implemented

Community complained about BTB challenges while BTB was borked: BTB challenges removed

Community complained about bundles/store prices: Individual items implemented until a better store can be rolled out, and store prices reduced

Community complained about Yoroi trailer: 11 ranks of filler removed from the event and replaced with free items that were previously going to cost money

I’m sure I’m forgetting other changes.


“I don’t like the state of the game, it’s unfair that people are enjoying it”

I agree that a shift like you’re proposing would instigate needed change at a far more rapid pace, but it’s kind of a myopic stance to take.

If the game was truly as bad as it was, players would be doing this on their own and not as a response to a desperate call of someone online.

Gonna spoil the magic:

You can hide letters and numbers (no spaces or punctuation) in between the angle brackets. It’s html code and doesn’t violate CoC.


No need to blockquote or use preformatted text

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I used to play every day but over the last few weeks my time has gradually decreased to either once or twice per week…I literally can’t be bothered to turn my Xbox on to play the same repetitive limited pool of gametypes and maps, and play connection ping lottery.

Edit: I actually spend far many more hours on this forum reading about how crap the game is than actually playing it…and that’s just wrong!



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You play the game for shiny skins

I play the game for fun

We are NOT the same



In fact I’ll probably buy something from the store today just because you told me not to.


Thank you for continuing to spend your time here on the Halo Infinite message board.


Kind of hard to have fun with next to 0 content, rampant cheaters, desynch every game, game lags because of poor optimization, ect.

But you do you

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Funny you should say this, TC! As someone who opted into being contacted for research purposes (something anyone can volunteer for on Halo Waypoint), I received a survey today which asks very specifically about literally every issue I’ve seen brought up on this message board, and more. I doubt that they’d send said survey to people who signed up to provide feedback if they intend to not do anything with said feedback.

Also, you seem to not be playing the same game I am or seeing the occasional updates posted by 343.

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So now we have 100 ms in every 3rd game with geofilter off and forced to play on US servers. Games is crap now, my friends got banned for quiting theese 130 ms games that are unplayable, 343 obviously dont want to keep their users.