Please fix the Weekly Ultimate Challenge

Please fix the Weekly ultimate challenge either so we can fix it or so I am not forced to play a gamemode that requires 5 killing sprees?

Hear me out, I am not that person who spent 10 mins and gave up. I have spent a good portion of time at this point playing fiesta matches to even get to this point and have spent hours trying to earn the ultimate to get no where.

I am having to play FIESTA in order to complete the ULTIMATE BATTLEPASS CHALLENGE. Fiesta only was added with the EVENT. There is no reason why I should be forced to play this one gamemode and try to get 5 killing spree’s when I am not a pro at the game but I still worked my butt off to complete my weeklies. Make me do 50 Quickplay matches but please just please fix this. Everyone I have spoken to as well as all over the internet has said this is an annoying and anti-rewarding problem and now I am going to miss out on the Ultimate after spending hours trying to earn it. If I wanted to be rewarded for my skill I’d play a ranked match. I think this ultimately unfair for those of us who worked hard to get to this point to now have to “get lucky” and hope we don’t get killed by a power weapon. That isn’t fun and ruins the game.

Also can you please at-least give us this ultimate reward for those that completed all 20 of their weekly challenges? Or at-least let us swap it please. I was really looking forward to earning that Armor coating and now I know I will never get it as to earn 5 killing sprees in Fiesta is almost impossible(Unless you have really good luck).


I agree that there’s so little content available for free in this game that the little there is, e.g. ultimate reward unlocks, should be achievable by all and not dependent upon skill, just a bit of dedication perhaps.

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It doesn’t help that the game seems to know you need these challenges and proceeds to give you absolute -Yoink!- for weapons. I’ve stopped counting the number of times I’ve spawned with the Plasma Pistol and Disruptor.

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I really hate to be that guy but I promise you it’s not that bad, you just gotta keep at it, switch up your tactics, play as a team, Oh and get an energy sword or gravity hammer with a grapple shot and take out your anger on everyone. Once you realize that is the ultimate God tier way to annihilate all who oppose you, you’re going to have a great time. I promise you can do this I believe in you!

Just earned the challenge now and i agree 100% i felt so angry trying to complete this. No fun was had trying to sweat my way to some armour colouring

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I feel completely demoralized after using a handful of challenge swaps and my day off chewing through the weekly challenges to be slapped with this “Ultimate challenge” like really? Five sprees?
I Like the weekly reward but five sprees is not going to happen.
This really needs to be rethought.
Challenges were okay and yes I did have some fun working on most of them but the last one needs to be dropped.
I would not of spent time chewing threw the few challenges I did not like or use my challenge swaps if i knew upfront the last one would be impossible for me.

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I had this challenge show up as a regular weekly challenge, then appear AGAIN as the ultimate challenge.

It took me forever to do it the first time, I gave up halfway through the ultimate. I didn’t need that armor color that badly anyway.

I’m still struggling to figure out how to inform 343 about it.