Please Fix The Watchdog Armor Coating

The Watchdog armor coating looks SO muted and not glossy/shiny in comparison to the high res photos that were teased before launch. It just blends in with every other spartan in game, and looks like dirt. Yeah, the weapon coatings are more 1:1 but man, for them not to get this one right really puts insult to injury to those who were originally disappointed by lack of reward in H5. 343 needs to update it to make it look like the photos. This is a slap in the face to those who spent literal days upon days of game time into H5. Crazy


I’d like to see this done as well. I didn’t even recognize the coating when I first saw it lol.


Yeah the watchdog coating on the weapons looks great but the armor coating looks very different from what was promised.


I post about this every now and then to keep the topic alive. They absolutely need to fix it. It’s just gotta be like the photos they showed us and be a white/silver and red both shiny. Just like the weapon skin is. I really hope they at least acknowledge this because so far they haven’t said anything even though this has been brought up since day 1


Yeah that armor is meh and looks nothing as advertised.


I agree it just needs more shine.


First, is the armor coating still available if someone is close to Sr152? I like it more this way. The plastic look of the promo was a turnoff.