Please fix the skill gap, 343

This is a message to 343 Industries. I understand you want to bring back the competitive aspect of Halo, but I would like to explain something. I want to have fun in this game, but it’s not fun because of how hard it is to aim on targets. I can’t even kill bots because I’m firing blindly due to no aim assist. Don’t you think that makes it impossible for a casual player to enjoy the game? I don’t care about being MLG or HCS Pro, I care about having fun, and quite frankly, this game is not fun because of the absurd skill gap. Please, 343, fix the skill gap. I know you have listened to our feedback in the past when we make it heard by you, but there is still one major problem in this game that needs to be addressed, and it is the skill gap. No casual player has time to “get good” at the game; they are there to sit down, relax and have fun. But this game makes it impossible because it requires so much skill to aim. I believe that this game is harder than Halo 3, which is an understatement. So please fix the skill gap and make it fun.

And to the Halo community. I understand your frustration at 343 Industries in the past, but instead of complaining, we need to make our voices heard. They won’t listen to us unless we make our voices heard across the platforms, as demonstrated by the past. A game is nothing without its community, just like a ship is nothing without a captain and the other people on board. So let’s make our voices heard if we want this game to be good and playable.

TF2 Demoman2290 out.

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There is plenty of aim assist. Tweak your settings. I don’t understand why everyone wants the game to aim for you.


The problem is I can’t find a comfortable sensitivity because it’s so clunky.

Harder than Halo 3? Not sure what you’re trying to suggest there. Almost everyone on my friends list uses controller with no issues. The aim assist is strong on console but no red reticle on PC. My friends on PC using controller still do just fine without magnetism, besides like the Commando. It’s like casuals just want an aimbot. Dude, just strafe and walk the opposite direction you aim to aim slower or rotate better, and walk with the aim to aim faster. Are you on PC or console, using mnk or controller? I can’t even imagine someone not being able to kill bots in training.

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Training mode runs on your local machine and not a server. Dial in your aim sensitivity and acceleration settings there, and that should help you out while you’re in match making

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Is your reticule red?

Most people having difficulty aiming are using their weapon too far away from the intended range. You only get aim assist when your reticule is red.

I also had to lower sensitivity as 5 is way too fast for my aging butt. Also lowered deadzone because it was way too high for me.

I imagine a lot of people calling for more aim assist are coming over from Halo 5 which had the most aggressive aim assist and bullet magnetism I’ve ever seen in a game. Look it up on YouTube it’s crazy how much that game actually aims for you.

With that said one of my buddies that hasn’t played Halo in years made a note that aim assist is practically not existent in Infinite compared to CoD or Apex.


I would argue it’s just that games like Call of Duty are of those games that require no aiming skill at all, otherwise 360 no scopes wouldn’t even be doable without hypermagnetism

I’ll give you CoD, but I used to play Apex competitively on controller and now play casually on M&K. That one at least requires skill. I’d honestly go so far as to say Apex’s gunplay is pretty unmatched in the industry. It’s aim assist is reasonable.

So what is your setup on Infinite then if you use mnk on Apex? Are you mnk on PC? Only Controller on Xbox console has red reticle aim assist magnetism. Also worth noting that there’s a known issue with hit registration in Infinite to where 50-70% of shots aren’t even counting, so maybe it isn’t you, unless you’re literally saying you can’t even focus your aim and land any shots on bots.

I’m using M&K on PC on Halo Infinite. I never complained about not being able to hit shots. Hit reg feels good for me. I was just pointing a friend of mine says he gets next to no aim assist on Xbox.

That should be the opposite unless they’re having red reticle bugs. My friends on Xbox barely have to aim, and just strafing with the BR lands perfect headshots with minimal effort. I’ve seen videos of when it works and when it doesn’t work. There are certainly bugs amiss in Infinite that need to be patched out, but I don’t think that console aim assist is bad, especially since PC controller has none and mouse has none. You can miss by a centimeter with mnk using a sniper, but with a controller, you can be off by a whole spartan or two and it will connect. The data from Halo Tracker proves that console controller has the highest headshot and accuracy ratings. The camera turning is just annoyingly slow compared to MCC.

Where is the settings found? I actually dont know where its actually located lol.

I’m curious to see what the settings are like, although I can aim anyway itd still be good to see what some players are using

That sounds like bad latency my dude, I’m on console and my snipe shots be missing by a mm,

hell some miss when it’s dead centre of the torso too lol

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Trust me, there’s definitely ping hit registration issues if I have to back smack or sword someone 3 times once in a while, or they shrug off a rocket, or I’m still getting shot when I’m tucked in cover. I’ve just seen Theater mode replays of bullets do some nonsense whisper in a Spartan’s ear, and miss. Some servers I join do clock over 250ms and that’s torture. I feel bad for those countries I joined in the middle of the night, that always have to deal with that.

If you’re talking about on controller, I can’t really comment as I abandoned controllers for FPS gameplay a long time ago. But what I will say is I’m really annoyed that we don’t have “red reticle” on PC anymore because “hackers can exploit that” even though they’re going to find another way regardless, so 343 feels like we should all suffer just to make it a tiny bit harder for hackers. Can I still aim without my reticle turning red to tell me I’m on target? Yes of course. But it doesn’t feel right not having it.

That was their excuse, but hackers are already rampant as seen many times in Single Halo Clips, where every bullet in the Commando lands Perfect medals with no aiming, so they don’t have a valid excuse anymore. They just need stronger anticheat.

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ironically enough, maybe try playing ranked because the BR has a good amount of AA lol. that’s what i did before i uninstalled this joke of game (microtransactions and FTP, knew it would be garbage because of those 2 factors)

For your information, I am mouse and keyboard, and I come from Halo: Reach. It’s the fact that I can’t find a comfortable sensitivity because any amount is uncomfortable.