Please fix the medals!

They dont work sometimes. Aka legendary only counts in h2a and maybe ce. But they say you can get in every game.

Could you please give a more detailed example, please?

I think he’s referencing that you’re supposed to get 100 legendary medals for the achievement, but certain medals don’t count in certain games. For example steaktacular isn’t a halo 2 medal, so you could curb stomp 100 enemy teams 50-5 and still get no legendary medals.

Another example would be the perfection in halo 4; it was a commendation in halo 4 so it doesn’t technically count as anything in mcc, making a perfection, which should be a greT thing, pretty pointless.

I understand the reasons for it, but making the achievement “get 100 legendary medals” is pretty -Yoink- when the only reasonably achievable ones only count in certain games.

No he is talking about when you get the medal, but it doesnt actually give you one. Like Triple Double. I’ve gotten so many of them in the post game, but then they dont put one in the tally