Please fix the Grenades in H4...

I’m very tired of my grenades exploding in my face or in mid-air due to being shot, it’s very annoying.

Grenades have exploded mid-air since Halo 2. However, in Reach grenades blow up in my face all the time.

So make a thread about it.

Ah, I’ve never seen that happen in Halo 3. Ever. So I thought it was just started in Reach.

Yeah, it’s extremely annoying when it happens it always ends up killing me. I notice it happens when you kill someone as their grenade is right in your face.

For me it happens when I’m lobbing a nade against people above me, as I try to disperse them with a nade they are normally shooting suppressing shots at the doorway and they end up hitting the grenade.

he means they are being SHOT. I think some are confused at what op means. But yeah the nades them self are way to big now.

It doesn’t happen often for me in Reach. Also, the grenades are weaker in Halo 4 so they will not damage you as much as they do in Reach.

Please ignore this post, thank you.

It used to be a cool feature that added realism, but now it’s just annoying. I’m quite confident that 99% of incidents where grenades are shot and end up killing players are unintentional, so it really just adds more randomness to the game.

Stupid, pointless, frustrating…