Please fix the game

Melee melee melee. How hard is it to release a patch that fixes this broken mechanic. I’m sick and tired of melees not registering 7 months into the release of this game. Either I take no damage or they take no damage it’s bull. The melee system is horrendous especially when thrusting backwards.
So much content is missing from this game too. Barely any armor worth getting. Only 12 maps. Season two finally brought in some fun with the modes they added but what’s the point when the xp system is still trash and one of mechanics for the golden triangle, melee, is o broken and inconsistent. And it’s not just melee, it’s any melee weapon also not registering. Sad!
Fix the melee,
Add collision.
Add friendly fire.
Add more maps.
Add more modes.
Add team doubles.
Fix the broken, boring or frustrating skill based matchmaking.
Remove challenges for the sole source of xp.
Make wins and kills matter for xp.
Add additional settings for custom games.
Add a player ranking system.
Make more important stats visible from the game. Total Kills and deaths etc.
Add more and better armor.
Fix the crap store and make it more accessible for getting things we want. Rotations are beyond stupid.
Make adding multiple armor accessories a possibility.
Add fracture themed maps.
Add fun game modes like swords only or rockets only.
And please fix the damn melee.

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Also would like to see standard halo settings back in ranked. Playing MLG settings is boring. I’m here to play halo not custom. Bring back the radar. Add occasional AR starts or pistol starts. Normal halo rules and damage. Having separate damage models for ranked and unranked is dividing and driving people away.

The melee seems to be significantly better post update. Although still having a few questionable things happen.

Alright it’s been 7 months and I’m still having a crash in the exact same spot if the match. If you rush the OS or invis with a grapple hook at the start of the game. And grapple the power up, the game will crash. Xbox Series X. This happens 4/10 times I do it, hasn’t happened in a while until moments ago. The game is so broken :frowning: