Please fix the game, D/C's rank is unplayable

I lost 3 divisions due to 7 d/c’s. Look I’m so happy with the winter update + end of year update with the pit. I’m happy even with detachment in ranked, it actually plays fine. But it is unacceptable for a “Competitive game” to have that many disconnects all from PC. I play on Series X, i’m fine, but my team I regularly run with and want to push onyx with can’t come together because different people are disconnecting and cant get back in?

It shouldn’t happen in the first place and you don’t give the player an option to rejoin? Why? What negative affect does the team have for the same player to rejoin. Really disappointing. You need to fix this priority one because rank is broken with it, it’s been affecting multiple teams. Which is one of the main reasons I play this game, we can’t play ranked at all until this is fixed, which means a lot of us would stop playing.

Quick fix: A rejoin feature for the disconnected player

Longer fix: Fix the disconnect, so it doesn’t happen.

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This game needs rejoinable ranked modes, like MCC has. Why don’t we have this yet???

Losing -9 rank points for a game that starts 3vs4 is not fair.

This was all true originally as well, so it sucks to see no progress with something as straitforward as a way to rejoin your match. Its like their main menu’s are so slow and obnoxious they identified it isnt worth the time to build the rejoin mechanic because the match would be over by the time the ad storefront loads and lets you start matchmaking.