Please fix the difficulty of some of the ultimate challenges

I have grinded for so long to finally finish all my weeklies…now the ultimate is telling me to get 5 killing sprees in Fiesta. I’m not a pro. This is way to hard after all the grinding I’ve already done. Please fix the challenge system in itself too. Progression is so slow if you suck with whatever weapon your challenge is for. Also when you can’t pick specific modes, there should be no specific mode limited challenges. “Play 3 games of oddball.” The only way to get odd ball is by random chance out of several modes. Also the stuff in the shop is crazy expensive. 15 bucks for a belt? That’s extremely predatory. Fix all of this please.

On a positive note I’m really enjoying this game and I think overall it’s a big improvement on the past several.

Thanks for all your hard work. Please continue to listen to fans.


At least you can at least try to do the ultimate challenge my weeklies glitched even though I completed them and got the xp for doing so they won’t go away which means I can’t even SEE the ultimate challenge but if it wasn’t glitched it’s like you said “I’m not a pro” getting 5 killing sprees would be damn near impossible in a normal gametype but in FIESTA?! forget about it that’s straight up impossible for me