Please fix the BR melee effectiveness discrepancy between Ranked & Social

Been playing Halo Infinite every day since November, and have enjoyed the Season 2 update overall! Kudos to the entire 343i team. Your time and effort is truly appreciated.

However, please fix the BR melee effectiveness discrepancy! It should not be different between Ranked and Social playlists: a 2-burst/melee kill in Ranked Arena, but the BR melee remains “nerfed” in Social playlists.

Most notably, when the updated Team Slayer playlist now has 58% of the possible map/game type outcomes (7 of 12) as Slayer BR, but you downgraded the 2-burst melee kill in all Social playlists, that is problematic.


I’m not sure why a gun should behave differently in ranked than every other playlist. This doesn’t make sense.


As much as I love Halo, this has been a huge source of frustration! Just like the OP already said, you can’t modify Team Slayer so that most of the matches are BR-only while keeping the weaker melee damage. I’m sorry 343, but that is not cool. :angry:

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I am sincerely grateful for the attention that 343i devoted towards the update/patch that was released today.

That being said, it is extremely disappointing that this problem wasn’t fixed within today’s patch. How can you drastically modify the Team Slayer playlist like that, but downgrade the melee damage on the only starting weapon? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: