Please fix the blackscreen freezing glitch

343i, please fix this glitch in the title update. Most of my 118 DNFs are from this problem. It’s extremely frustrating to be enjoying a game, and then having someone quit, causing the game to blackscreen… and then freeze. Every time the game goes blackscreen I cross my fingers that my Xbox won’t freeze.

I’ve noticed this mostly seems to happen on Forge World in BTB, but it can and does happen on any other map. Just a few minutes ago the game went blackscreen and froze while playing on Tempest.

That never happens to me. Maybe something is up with your xbox or disc.

> That never happens to me. Maybe something is up with your xbox or disc.

Same here, it’s not a problem with the game.

thats happened to me about 20 times. I recently deleted the majority of things on my xbox so i can burn it to the harddrive. It hasnt happened so far since i did that.

Haven’t had this problem either, and like previous post have Reach downloaded to hard drive.


the black screen is caused when the host quits or changes for some reason, it shouldnt boot you or freeze your xbox unless something is wrong with you individually… your xbox may have some issues (most likely related to the hard drive) and/or your internet connection isnt the best and is causing it to happen

It’s not a problem with my disc. My disc is fine, my Xbox is fine. I’ve had the game installed to my 360 and it still occurs. This mostly seems to happen in BTB where there are many more blackscreens than other playlists due to lag and players quitting. Just ask any regular BTB player - chances it has happened to them and chances are if you haven’t played a lot of Reach BTB, you haven’t seen this glitch… but it happens and is very annoying. For reference I’ve played nearly 2,500 games of playlists 6v6 and greater.