Please fix the 30FPS animations

I know it’s not the biggest issue with the game but it really hurts the experience for me, especially in the campaign as the mouth movements are affected so they look really jittery in cutscenes. I think the 30FPS animations are playing a big part in making the game feel choppy as so many are affected, most noticeable being the reload animations for the Skewer and SPNKR which look terrible. But it’s far more widespread than that, with most reload animations being capped, as well as sprinting and vaulting. It just seems so odd to me that they’re capped as it looks awful and I noticed it instantly, so I have no idea why no one brought it up during Q&Q.

Digital Foundry mentioned it in their review: (skip to 19:20)



It is crazy still no news for a fix. Apparently it was not even in the beta (alpha? preview?) version of the game so clearly it is a downgrade or bug.

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