Please fix sticky grenade projectile.

Idk how many people notice this, but sticky nade fans should notice the odd projectile stickies in halo 4 have. They tend to lob upward very awkwardly and seem to go against physics. Please just copy every other halo sticky projectile. also a few of my stickies have literally bounced off people. thank you for the amazing game(being 100% serious my favorite halo ever) and please take this into consideration

no one can tell how bad sticky projectiles are??

Jeez people quit bumping threads…

You owe me a new keyboard, monitor, and a facial reconstruction for wasting my time with this thread.

I’ve noticed it. I don’t really use sticky grenades so I don’t care if they fix it.

Grenades are very off in H4, I throw a plasma or any other grenade and it takes about 8secs for it to reach my target, easily dodge, and I noticed its lobbed alot closer too, its very difficult to use one now.

Grenades in H4 are terrible. I don’t like using them at all. Yeah, so I’ve got a few kills with them, but they were lucky, or I managed to stick a player. Their trajectory is not their biggest problem, though they do seem to move slower than previous games.

This is what I think of when H4 'nades are mentioned. It seems to do more damage if you score a direct hit with a frag grenade than the explosion does. I know people complained about the grenades in Reach, needlessly I might add, but this is ridiculous.

i hate trolls liek the first 2 people that posted… also nades need to have a way bigger explosion radius. i feel liek they nerfed it so that they can add that perk, when its ruining that game… also with sprints its sooooo much easier to dodge nades

Not to mention thrust pack dodges.

Don’t forget the easiest method of dodging the blast radius… taking 1-2 steps away from the grenade