Please fix some of the challenges

I got three assassinations in a match earlier (Regicide), didn’t get the challenge, I also completed Spartan Ops Ep 2 yesterday on Heroic (Co-Op), didn’t get the challenge. :frowning:

Also, the weekly one for getting 18 regicides in 1 game is impossible, i’ve just been in a game where that’s all people seemed to be going for, and the highest someone got was 10 regicides. It would be possible to get more than 10, but the match ends at 300 points, and with all the assists, and king assists you get, it’s basically an impossible challenge to get.

Yeah I thought that as well, also I have a problem with that challenge in general, it seems to be aimed at medium-low skilled players, if you play Regicide properly you should be king constantly so never get any regicide kills.

In a balanced, close game it is great fun though, but yeah I haven’t even seen or got close to 18 in one match.