Please fix Shatter!

Most people are excited because of Majestic map pack, it’s like nobody cares about Crimson any more. However Shatter is still there and it pinches like rotten tooth. Most important reason why I was avoiding Crimson playlist or I’m voting against Shatter when appears in Big Team Slayer, it’s because I mostly play split screen. I bought whole map pack, and still I wasn’t able to use 1/3 of it because of terrible frame rate issues.

343i/CA please bring me patch for maps, so Shatter is finally playable. Please fix Complex (amongst the other, bigger maps) as well. I would love to play Halo 4 local with friends, without caring of these stricly technical issues.

Shameless bump!

Shatter’s frame-rate drops under 15FPS, when played on split-screen.

That’s the biggest issue that I have with the map.