Please Fix Scroll Wheel Weapon Swapping

The way that the scroll wheel bind works for swapping weapons is, every time the input is registered, you buffer a weapon swap. The problem with this is that unless you are scrolling the wheel for exactly 1 scroll, you’ll be swapping to your other weapon, then back to your current weapon, and so on so forth.

This leads to situations where in the heat of battle, you need to swap weapons, but you just barely scroll 1 too many times and you’re back to the weapon that you’re trying to swap from. As a KB+M player, I really hope this gets fixed.


I have a mouse thet lets me scroll just one turn of the wheel and yet have the same problem, I scroll and instead of switching weapon to make the kill I stay with the same weapon only I still have same gun and still have to reload but lost time for the weapon change animation

This is an issue in MCC as well. I never expected a fix, but it would be awesome to get one.

just change the swap weapon button to a different button on your mouse . I have a num pad on my mouse so i just set it to 1 and be done with it.

not everyone has a gaming mouse with a numpad, also some layouts are just more comfortable for other people. Even if I had a numpad mouse I’d still prefer weapon swap to be scroll down, that’s just whats comfortable to me.

Well go buy the Red dragon MMO mouse its dirt cheap its like 30 dollars or less on amazon