Please fix ranked quitting

Can something please be done to balance team when someone quits in ranked? I’m playing 2-3 against 4 almost every single game.

I don’t care about ranking or progression, but there’s nothing fun about getting trashed by an overweight team for 15mins at a time.

Hate to say it, but the best thing you can do in ranked, find 3 other people in LFG and party mic, because you won’t have to worry about much, once you have proper coordination. Playing with silent randoms is a gamble. The Halo Discord has an Infinite LFG.

Playing in silence would be a welcome change, too. Idk why people feel the need to make the team chat sound like a gym; complete with heavy breathing and loud, terrible music.

I notice that occasionally in open mic, but generally when you’re in a party chat, people are more focused on cooperation. I still find the occasional music and barking dogs, or yelling Russian, just like Xbox 360 days, but most people don’t use mic publicly, for better or for worse. I doubt Infinite will need nearly as much coordination as Destiny Raids and Trials, but it’s still nice to know what’s going on from your team’s perspective

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People generally aren’t quitting. They are getting disconnected. All my buddies get disconnected pretty regularly.

I feel like the occurrence of quitting is quite exaggerated but the effect is frustrating.
Had multiple matches where someone dropped at the start (so I always assume a DC) and in objective matches that’s an instant loss.

In H5 you would at least be protected from losing rating but here you can make a massive drop. That is something that’s fixable.

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