Please fix ranked arenas matchmaking

I just lost 3 games in a row because the game wants to put me in the most unfair situations possible. I’m diamond 3, playing against high plats- low diamonds with gold ranks on my team. Not fair for me or the golds getting absolutely stomped. I get you want everyone to be able to play with their buddies, and I can appreciate that but ranked should be different. If I’m diamond 3 i shouldnt be able to play with anyone less than plat 3 at the MAX. Ideally diamond is a hard to earn rank so diamond should only play with diamonds and onyx and maybe some high tier plat ranks.

Another major i have is no loss forgiveness for when you have someone leave your team. Now I have to deal with 4 diamonds but my team has three people and a gold?? And i get punished for it?? Not fair at all. There needs to be a way for people to rejoin ranked matches within a certain time window. My game has frozen several times and i lose a major portion of my rank. All because the game is broken. Theres no clear answer on how to fix the freezing/crashing but ive done what is possible and it still happens.

I love halo so much and i really love competetive gaming but these things are killing the experience so far. Make it a tighter comp system PLEASE.