I Know this is going to sound strange… but i’d really like my SWAT CSR playlist rank to be reset or demoted. I absolutely ADORE swat but somehow I immediately went to Onyx rank in the swat playlist and now i find it borderline unplayable and basically rage-inducing. I would say I’m a pretty good swat player but nothing like the guys I’m currently playing alongside and against. Back in Halo 4 and Reach id be getting 20-ish kills for about 12 deaths per game, but now in onyx I’m struggling to break even in my kill death spread. I usually end up with something like 8 for 13 now.

Anyone else having this problem?

I know it sounds ridiculous but i can no longer enjoyably play my favourite playlist.


The issue is simply a lack of a non ranked playlist. I’d really like to play a game without my rank constantly on the line, however that would open a lot of people to pub stomps.