Please fix Halo 3 Forge and add File Share search.

I’m enjoying this game for many, many reasons, but I’m really still waiting for 343i to fix Halo 3 Forge and add file share search. I’m not sure how far down the fix list that stuff is, but many communities are still waiting for it, and can’t function without it.

PS: Just in case the 343 employee reading this is unaware of the major problem in Halo 3 Forge, the problem is that the game type items and initial spawn points can’t be edited in The Master Chief Collection at all. In the original Halo 3, you could change the game type in the pause menu while playing in Forge mode, so that the game type items can be visible and ready to edit in Forge mode. That option is missing in this game now. This makes things like the original GRIFBALL impossible to recreate in The Master Chief Collection.

I agree, this needs to be addressed ASAP.

where the heck is file browser?