Please explain to me how scoring works?

I just got done playing Warzone Firefight on Escape from A.R.C. I went solo (as always) and our team actually completed all 5 rounds in time. Luckily we didn’t have to any “defend” objective besides round 1 or else probably would’ve been a loss.

I had NO DEATHS, more kills than everyone, more legendary kills also & one mythic kill which others got as well. But in the end I still ended up 3RD PLACE? I don’t care about what place we end up in, I’m just wondering how he hell is the scoreboard determinded?
I have pictures of the score board:

Same thing has happened to me a few times too. Once I had almost 5,000 more points than the guy in first place. Maybe it’s a glitch or something?

Probably just some sort of minor bug. I don’t think it really matters? Unless it causes you to not get as much experience or REQ points than you would normally get (Then it would be an issue).

Req cards (XP/RP) seem to be glitchy too.

There are also score multipliers for multi-kills and kill streaks that are factored in as well. And boss kills

I had something similar.

116 kills
3 boss kills
10 deaths
36 assists
Overall score: 35650

But because someone got one more boss kill than me I was placed in second. His score was 33450 -_-

thought this was going to be about Campaign Scoring…

don’t really care much about scoring in warzone… Means nothing

Yeah, i don’t know how it works either…Link.
Boss kills i’ll have to look into that one, i’d thought it’d just go off score.

It’s kind of weird but It needs an explaining or a fix