Please Dumb Down the Spawn Points and Objectives

I honestly hope 343i fixes the spawn points and objectives placement for forge. Reach’s aggervates me to no end just because its so complecated.

In retaliation to “Just go to [insert forge website here], they have a forge guide that can help you out.” I say, the community shouldnt have to make something the game designers shouldve given you in the first place.

(not that i dont enjoy the help, i find helpful community members a blessing)

So in conclusion 343i, please either dumb down the spawns and objectives placement or at least make an in-game guide that’ll help us all out.

This is assuming Forge returns in Halo 4, of course.

An in-game guide would be the best option.

They also have to make sure the spawns in multiplayer arent bad. For example, in H3 on Narrows they would always spawn behind me. I want good spawns just like MLG in H4.

I agree. I always had problems in Forge getting people to spawn in the right places for the right gametypes.

Woah, woah, woah… forge is something that has really made me keep interest in Reach. I really doubt they wouldn’t keep forge. I think Invasion can be irritating sometimes (mainly Res. Zones). But I do think it could be simpler to a certain point, but I wouldn’t want objectives so we’ll have to completely introduce ourselves to a new label system.