Please don't tell me the DMR will be in HCEA...

So, in the recent Halo Bulletin bs angel says this, “I also snuck a peek at the latest build and caught a glimpse of something new that replaced one of the placeholder items.” After, there was a picture of a Spartan raising a DMR. So, does this mean HCEA will have the DMR? I hope not…

there’s no way Halo: CEA will have DMR because its a complete remake and old Halo:CE didn’t have that

I believe that picture was to represent the “cheering” for the replacement of the placeholder item. Quite certain we won’t see the DMR in CEA.

I know, but did you read the OP? I realize it wouldn’t make any sense for it to be in there, but it seems bs angel was hinting at it in the Bulletin.

Ummm, no.

> Ummm, no.

Well there you have it. LOL

I actually believe she was either referring to MC Helmet or the Assault rifle.

I think Angel was talking about a replacement for the Assault Rifle model. Lot’s were complaining about it, and even stretched it out to “breaking canon”. But, I’m pretty sure that’s it.

Silly goose.


errm… The pic was from Reach on alaska/montana

Maybe DMRs in the multiplayer maps, but the campaign will only have the CE pistol, which is actually more like a DMR on steroids.

I typically put the accompanying image above the relevant text to serve as a lead-in. So that picture was actually with the following question, not the previous one. Sorry for the confusion!

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Technically, it will be, on the multiplayer maps!

And the DMR is just sexier than the pistol, innit? Desig-nat-ted-mar-ks-man-rif-le. K, so I fail with that, but the DMR is just prettier than the M6D.

“Some won’t notice the difference, others will be excited.”

If some people don’t notice an entirely new weapon, well… I don’t even know what to say. Plus it’s not the DMR that people hate, it’s the DMR’s bloom. I honestly wouldn’t throw a fit if for some reason it was a new addition. Although according to cannon, the DMR is mostly used by the UNSC Army, whereas the BR is used by the Marines.