Please don't spread the Playlists too thin.

I see that they just put FFA throwback in the playlist, but something makes no sense, why didn’t they just make a FFA playlist? Which included Regicide? Just like Oddball, CTF and KoTH should all be in one playlist, namely Objective, so there is a larger pool of people for match making. I dunno, just my thoughts on the matter, considering the problems people are having with connections and lag.

Agreed, I still don’t understand why they made each gametype have its own playlist over variety game type playlists like the previous games.

That would be the best and smart thing to do, but, 343 doesn’t know what the smart thing to do is obviously, and won’t listen to anyone.

They’ve probably done it like this (each playlist separately) for people like me who got annoyed at always having to play Oddball in Objective mode, when all I wanted to play was KotH.

The loigical thing to do then would make sure that each game type shows up an equal amount of times, i know before it would make you play a certain game type over and over, but instead it should just rotate the gametypes evenly…Spreading the playlists too thin, as they are doing now, really divides the fanbase too much, considering the numbers drop we have had already.

I prefer it this way with playlists separate. I play what I want and don’t have to worry about people voting for some different game type over and over that I never wanted to play in the first place.

I’d much prefer a playlist structure along the lines of;

Team Slayer (4v4, normal team slayer, infinity slayer too maybe)
FFA (Basically rumble pit, with regicide thrown in)
Team Objective (CTF, oddball, KoTH, possibly dominion, etc)
BTB (Objective and slayer variants, maybe dominion too)
Team Snipers
Maybe Grifball
MLG (When the rules come out)

I guess dominion or infinity slayer could have their own playlist, too.

Indeed these playlists should be merged together…

Variety is the Spice of life

I agree with OP. Team objective would be nice. A mix of CTF, KotH and Oddball.