Please don't release in 2020

Why does everyone keep saying Halo Infinite will come out in 2020? I honestly feel like I’m alone on this opinion but I believe it needs to release in Fall 2019 to keep the game fresh. If they wait till 2020 especially Fall 2020 the hype will get stale very quickly and the less likely I would get the game. We’re 3 years into Halo 5 and I think 2020 is too long of a gap between 5 and Infinite. I am aware of Gears of War 5 coming out in 2019 but wouldn’t it be nice to see both of them release simultaneously? If Fall 2019 truly is impossible, Spring 2020, nothing later. If it is later than that I’ll gladly put myself in a cryo-chamber until it releases.

Yeah if it were a regular halo game that 343 made than we would have a new game right now so if they made it a 2020 release than hardly anyone would be hyped, I know I’m already losing a lot of hype.

We already have a few topics open discussing release dates, like this one :slight_smile: