Please don't nerf the Ghost?

I noticed in there breakdown on the Tech Prievew feedback they mentioned a possible nerf to the Ghost and all I have to say is please for the love of god 343 "DON’T’’ nerf the Ghost, instead, buff the other vehicles, I am so sick of the vehicles being so weak, they are supposed to be “POWER WEAPON” they are supposed to be strong and hard to take down without other vehicles or powerweapons. If your so insistent on foot to foot gameplay then remove the vehicles all together, as they are almost useless in their current state, heck the Chopper ( a vehicle I have wanted back since 3) has a peashooter for cannons and can’t even one shot vehicles through ramming them anymore, which was the core function of the Chopper. The Wraith looks like its shooting a Plasma Rifle bolt, and for the love of god bring back the barrage mechanic on the Rocket hog.

Also bring back splash damage to vehicle weapons and regular power weapons, I am tired of be french kissed by someone with a rocket and them shooting me point blank and I am the only one that dies.


This thread is a great way to get it nerfed haha!

Knowing our luck that would be 343’s take away from this

They could at least buff the chopper’s ramming to be strong. If they don’t want it to be instant killing hogs fine but at least let it heavily damage the thing.

I do think it’s a bit too durable currently, Ghost was always intended to be a light patrol vehicle, but the Ghost in infinite eats damage like a tank. I have been on teams that landed like 4 frag grenades near the ghost plus emptied multiple mags of AR ammo into it, and it was just barely smoking after all that. There is room to nerf it some while still leaving it as the most powerful Ghost the series has ever seen.

Yo bro, its shadow. They’re going to nerf it, I told you in the party chat. If they don’t buff the other vehicles, then they’re going to nerf it. The entire game needs to be shut down and completely reworked because its a big bust, the forums don’t lie.

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One word to description of infinite’s sandbox: impotent

They need to tune the damage up on almost everything and remove rotational auto aim while increasing aim assist. That way the tracking is more skill based across the board.

The entire game needs a rework, it just needs to be shut down and completely have a overhaul. What we have now is not halo. Its anti gravity COD, with a dazzle of fortnites battlepass. If you ask me, this game dies when the story releases.