Please do this 'MCC Pro' paid subscription idea instead of MTX

Overhaul Forge, Theater(fix the bugs and return Screenshots & Clips) and the Fileshare and then charge a subscription fee for a ‘Bungie Pro’ service now called ‘MCC Pro’:

  • Much bigger Fileshare capacity.
  • The ability to use screenshots as custom Avatars and thumbnails for maps and clips.
  • ‘MCC Pro’ badge on player’s player card and added player card customization.
  • Be eligible to enter creator competitions such as ‘Best Halloween Screenshot’ or ‘Best Multi-Kill Clip’ or ‘Best Race Map’ or ‘Best Infection Map’ or ‘Best BTB Map’ etc and win prizes.
  • The ability to submit creations for consideration that they might be implemented officially into matchmaking.

Hard-core fans like me will definitely pay for this, in perpetuity.


I love this world, it really does try to be funny.


Hate the idea huh? Bit surprising. I think this is way more preferable than MTX and it adds to the longevity of MCC.

Just no. I paid for a full game and supported it plenty. It’s already bad enough that 343i treated Infinite poorly. If Microsoft abolished Xbox Live paid online subs then I might tolerate this a bit but this would be ridiculous seeing as the game is struggling as it is.


Did you think Bungie Pro was ridiculous? Nobody complained about that and this is a way better version of that.

Nobody complained? I was around back then and ‘people’ complained and I also remember people complaining about Xbox Live Gold back then too.

All you’re doing is spreading misinformation to push an agenda to justify adding in something that restricts content and you know what…yeh I think Bungie Pro was ridiculous too because it seems ridiculous to limit how much space we can use. I don’t know what you were doing back then but ‘many’ people had different viewpoints.


I think the idea is that if 343 were going to move forward w/ some kind of additional monetization, something like this “MCC Pro” concept would be palatable and already has precedence.

It was less than 10 dollars a year, and offered a slew of interesting benefits (being able to render your videos in 720p!), nameplates, etc.
Compare this to $7 for a charm for your weapon.

The argument remains - 343 needs to COMPLETELY keep Microtransactions out of MCC.
However, it seems they are ignoring the community and will just move forward anyway. So I’d rather get some value.


I was around back then and genuinely don’t remember a big ruckus over Bungie Pro. Not spreading disinformation to spread an agenda lol…

Anyway, what The_FFA_Panda said.

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That does sound fair in theory.
But the price would probably be above $5 a month.
Also, this is not a good time. People are already angry about Infinite’s shop and the possibility of MTX being added to MCC. And taht is still after we were fed up with Req packs, player-splitting map packs, an overpriced campaign (unless they make campaign DLC free for campaign owners), and Infinite overall being an unfinished game, adding something like this would be completely tone deaf.

“Oh you guys aren’t happy about how we want you to spend your hard earned money? How about another way to spend that money you don’t want to give up!” That might not be the intention, but that’s how it will come across to many people.


Fully agree. It should not even be part of the discussion.

But we call it a discussion - 343 mentioned it, dropped the mic and walked away.


Even I have to admit is is suspicious they said nothing. Not even a “This is why we wanted to bring it up early.” Sort of post.


Wait for discussions to die down. Then implement said system, with worse monetization then what was mentioned.

When people complain they will roll back to the initial proposal and the community will rejoice that they listened to feedback.

Rinse and repeat - companies have been doing this for years now.


why don’t people just ask 343 for their bank account information, so that they can transfer money to them directly without 343 having to implement something useless which makes the game activly worse by paywalling of content.
and yes, even back in the day bungie pro was stupid and it was one of the things which normalised MTs. so it is part of the reason the AAA gaming industry is (content and fun-wise) in such a sorry state.

You suggest “precedence” for the idea then follow it up with:

All rumors of the monetization of MCC point toward preexisting season track unlocks, not weapon charms.

Welp, just felt like trying to come up with what I thought was a better alternative. I like to come up with ideas, that’s my only agenda. Because of course, I personally hate req packs and MTX etc

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It was stupid for the most part, but hardly something that “normalized MTs”.

Subscription services were standard across the board at the time, alongside DLC’s that locked players out of preexisting playable content.

If you’re going to suggest that Bungie Pro somehow set precedence for how we understand monetization in games now, then buddy we need to have a little history lesson on how games have been made to separate players from their money starting from the beginning.

Precedence in the idea that its a separate transaction within Halo 3 - not a 1 to 1 comparison, admittedly.

The point was showing what I perceived to be valuable - such as an enhanced user experience in an area - versus a simple cosmetic item. 343 appears to lean towards skins over functionality.

Its unfortunate in general that we even have to discuss it at all. Hopefully 343 buries the entire idea of MTXs in MCC.

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Hmm, I’d be ok with this on 2 conditions:

  1. The price isn’t above 15$

  2. It’s a one-time purchase deal, no resubscription. Basically like how ODST and Reach are on MCC.

However I think this is where the idea should end: Massive fileshare update and ability to submit maps and gametypes for matchmaking via the game itself.

The other ideas don’t really sound good to me because it is still monetizing cosmetics, which shouldn’t happen for MCC.

i’m not suggesting, that bungie set THE precedence, but it was one more (even if small) little piece of MTs in a sea of MTs. maybe just a very small part but it was there and by that helped (even if just in a marginal matter) to normalize MTs.
it was there, it was excepted (for whatever reason), it was a step into the direction to the place we are right now.

Too bad we cant edit the subject - it should read “Please dont do Microstransactions, but if the life of MCC depends on it, then do something more like an MCC Pro subscription instead of of paid Spartan Points”.