Please do something about "trick" idlers

I’ve had this problem several times, and today when I was in my first two placement matches for Team Arena, I was matched with a player named REDACTED who moves around a bit but mostly sits idle for the whole match. I assume they move around a bit in the beginning and sometimes even get a kill early on in order to avoid the idling detection.

In some cases in the past, I have even wondered if the person was using some sort of program or something as their actions seemed somewhat random.

This form of idling is very frustrating, especial when you get teamed up with such a person multiple times. And for the record, I hate it when such a person is on the opposing team as well, because that’s not fun. I like to have fun, competitive matches, win or lose.

I guess we’re not allowed to specifically name people who may be circumventing rules. I guess I can see some reasoning behind that, but it kind of sucks because it’s not like Xbox Live has the visibility into the game to detect this kind of behavior .

You might want to edit your post and delete the person’s name. You’re not supposed to call out other people like that. Other than that your post is fine.

Report, block, move on. If you get matched to the same player twice then quit the match. Assuming he stays, it’s one sure-fire way to make sure you don’t get matched together for a third game. And before you say it, no, you won’t get a quit ban for quitting one match.

Usually these guys will start playing normally if you just ask them to over the mic.
A lot of them are just K/D boosters hoping for someone to quit out first so that they can quit without a ban, but if they start to see that you’re actually talking & won’t quit, they will often give up and just play it out.