PLEASE do something about the progession 343

The game is amazing, I love playing it. But the xp is a joke! I played all day, probably about 8 hours, and I barely got into tier 3… I get that the pass lasts forever but this is ridiculously slow progression! I don’t even feel rewarded when I level up because the grind needed for one helmet and a so called “boost” is so awful. It’s NOT fun 343 and it will kill your game. Please please PLEASE fix this. We’re all crying out about it. It’s not a good system of progression at all! We don’t all have an entire day to grind endlessly on challenges just to get a fraction of the way towards a level.

I love the game so far, I really do. But you need to do something about this impossible progression or me and many others will be burned out trying to get new customization and give up on your multiplayer sooner.