Please do something about the lack of competitive 2v2.

9/10 games I play with my friend result in a guy and his guest on the other team; the majority of the time the other team doesn’t even reach double digits in kills. Competitive 2v2 was my favorite thing about H2/3 and Bungie completely ruined this when they decided to take doubles out of Arena.

But that’s not FUN and UNIQUE! :frowning:

I’d say set restrictions for similary skilled and pysch profile for winning, but the population is too low for it to matter in that playlist I bet.

We have tried this quite a few times but it doesn’t seem to make any difference whatsoever. Aside from having to wait a bit longer for a game, the end result is usually the same.

Welcome to matchmaking for “Halo” Reach!

Thing is, though, this doesn’t happen in Arena. I’m not saying it should be put back into Arena, but why not take Arena’s ranking system and put it into the ‘social’ playlists - just hide the divisions so the casual players have nothing to complain about.

This would create more evenly matched games. Neither party is having fun with the game is a blowout.

Bungie says all the playlists have an improved Trueskill from H3, but -Yoink!- if I can tell.

On HaloCharts I have a 40 in TeamSlayer, skill wise I’d say I never get matched with players around a 40. (Yes, HC isn’t Bungie’s rating system but it’s the best third party site out there.) Everything is so, so inconsistent.

I think the only thing they improved about it was the search times by broadening the range that skills are allowed to ‘match’. But, by doing this, they essentially ruined the whole point of the TrueSkill system.

An easy fix that shouldn’t even take long to implement would be to make it so a team with a guest can only find other teams with a guest. This might make the search time a little longer, but if it meant the difference between a 25-3 game and a 25-20 game, I’d definitely wait an extra few minutes.

Halo CE had the best 2v2 ever!It definitely needs to make a comeback in Halo!

I have a HC 50 in BTB, and am constantly being matched with high-ranks teams. SOMETHING is working…

> I have a HC 50 in BTB, and am constantly being matched with high-ranks teams. SOMETHING is working…

I have a HC “50” in Snipers and I am constantly matched with guests on my team. Something isn’t working…