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DO you guys remember the vehicles in Reach? You had your standard ghost, wraith, warthog, scorpion, but there are a couple that stand out the most. The Falcon and The Revenant. Aside from those 2 classics there is another one that you might not of noticed. One that is near and dear to my heart and I can’t believe 343 is putting in in Halo 5. That is.THE PHAETON HELIOS.Now I know what your thinking. “Wasn’t the Phaeton introduced in Halo 5?” To which my answer is simply no. The Phaeton has been around since Reach. In fact. It was such a staple amongst the 343 team that they decided they should have its true form return in the Memories of Reach update. Remember all the good times you had Piloting your Phaeton Helios around the maps of Reach? Good times. I cant wait to do the same almost 6 years later with this Memorable vehicle

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