Please create a Guardian Map remake

343 Industries,
you did an Valhalla remake, and I have to say, I don’t like it(not because the remake is bad, I never liked Valhalla).
BUT, that is not what I wanted to say.

Could you guys do a remake of the Guardian Map from Halo 3?
It was my favorite map in Halo 3 and I would like it to play on it in Halo 4.

Here yah go!

Like he says in the video, it isn’t exact, but it’s decent.

EDIT: Also, not a remake by 343i of course, just a forge one.

It is nice that some community members did a remake in forge.
But i want an official remake, with same background, sound, those strange bird things flying around. Yellow lift, blue lift.

Need to push this topic to the first page.
Guardian is a small map, and in Halo 4 we only have 1 small map(Haven)…
We need more!