Please consider loosening SBMM

I’m usually in favor a good SBMM system but man, it is waaay too tight in Infinite. Almost every single “social” match I play feels like an absolute sweatfest. Seriously, please consider loosening it up some because it’s not relaxing at all after a long day at work when I feel like I’m constantly playing at the top of my skill level.


It feels pretty good to me. Tend to hit Social / BTB with mates and we muck around a bit more than we do in Ranked.

Games tend to be close. Which is what I like.

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This will always be a difficult balance. If they loosen SBMM, players on the lower end of the skill spectrum will always get stomped and more skilled players will always dominate. Everyone wants to win all the time, but 50-50 split is the most “fair”. And yes, we are all aware that bot bootcamp skews MMR and should be addressed in a future update.

From a developer standpoint, it is probably most beneficial to keep SBMM as strict as possible while still being able to form matches quickly and with reasonable ping for everyone.

My personal opinion is that they keep SBMM generally how it is right now: strict in ranked, middle-ground in social, and loose in BTB. However, once they introduce performance-based progression, players in higher MMR lobbies should get some sort of XP boost. A Gold level player should definitely not rank up in their Spartan career as quickly as a dedicated Onyx player.


I don’t necessarily care about winning all the time but it’s okay to occasionally be stomped as well as be the stomper. Playing constantly close matches where I feel like have to play my absolute best just to compete feels exhausting after a long day of work & family. I don’t want them to get rid of SBMM, just widen the parameters in the 4v4 social playlists some.


Not the ideal solution but here’s an idea since it is F2P:

Use your main account when you want to “sweat”.
Use an alternate account when you want to play “casual”.

The problem, as always, is the relative proportions of said stompers. The higher up the food chain you are - the more stompings you give and the less you receive.

Just use the same account. The cross MMR effect on a mature account seems minimal (as opposed to Reddit’s infamous seeding of a bots MMR into ranked on a brand new account).

The key is to make sure you play “casual” all the time.

People seem happy to cruise when the game is going their way - but tend to knuckle down and fight harder when the game starts to drift away from them. The competitive juices kick in. Which is then going to attract harder games.

And it’s hard when you are playing the same game types on the same maps. A lot of the tactics and gameplay are not committed to muscle memory.

For socials, there shouldn’t be strict sbmm, but the overall team skill should be similar.

So instead of having 2 teams of similar Sbmm, should have 2 teams of varying skill levels.

There is always a better player and a worse player, but to make it balanced and more relaxing, both teams should have an average spread of both skilled and lesser skilled players.

That’s how older Halos did it iirc, which was why you felt like you still “had a chance” every match even if there’s a god like MintBlitz or FatRat on the other team cos their team may not be so skilled.

As it is right now, Infinite’s sbmm is stupidly rated anyway, basing your skill off kills and it adjusts every game.

So if one game you get a Demon with the Wasp for example, welp prepare to get your tushy wooped the next game when you face all these high skilled 30 kill per game BTB tryhards who will make you go double digit in deaths.

Agree that ranked should be matched on individual skill and social more on team skill.

But it only works to a point.

We’ve already seen lots of complaints from people trying to play in squads with lower ranked mates. On paper you think that having a silver on each side would even out. An ideal scenario where they are duking it out while the game plays around them. But the truth is that they are both just cannon fodder for the good players on the other side.

So there is definitely a limit to how wide they can spread the skill range. And I imagine it would be higher for BTB than arena.

If only we had access to the stats API. It wouldn’t be hard to start data dredging games to look for patterns.

It is looser in social do you are more likely to get one sided games where sometimes you’re the better one and sometimes you’re the worse one. If you’re feeling like you need to sweat you may be in a couple of those worse ones so it hits a little harder.

In ranked I’ve found it’s more consistent all the time and I do have to sweat every game without fail. In social I only have to sweat some of the games.

There already is no strict SBMM. The skill difference can be huge. The SBMM only tries to balance out the teams, not the individual players (and even fails in that, since a lot of matches are not realy close) and the skill gaps between players can already be huge. I have seen to many matches where 1 player just dominates and on his own just determines the outcome of the match. That is just extremely boring and infuriatiing for everybody. For the losing team because they have 0 chance and are just being stomped upon, and for the winning team that players teammates are just filling who barely get to do anything.

If any the SBMM needs to be stricter where the individual skill gaps most be lessened.

Especially in FFA the SBMM needs to be way stricter, since you don’t even have a team to balance it out. Yet, there are already big skill gaps there.

SBMM in LSS seems super strict. Many matches I play have like 3 or 4 Onyx players in them, and most of the rest are Diamond

I’ve found it to be pretty random. Some games it’s all Onyx players with some really sweaty Champion types who can go 20-1 even in all Onyx lobbies.

Then other games, I’m that sweaty player and go 20-1 and the players around me are clearly much worse than I am.

I would say in 90% sure most games I play have clear Onyx level players in which makes sense as I’m in Onyx. But there’s also some players clearly way out their depth too.

Yes, this is what i mean. There are some fun and close matches ofcourse, but there are also matches that are not even close at all. Especially in FFA that is completely unfair for the rest ofcourse.

In team matches there could be a bit loser SBMM (although i feel like sometimes it’s to loose when a player can just freerun through the map and get a KDA of 20+ or where there are players that just can’t get kills even though i see that they are trying) and ofcourse BTB can have more skill differences then Arena (4v4), but FFA should have realy strong SBMM, since you don’t have a team to balance things out. That means that every player should be about the same skill, otherwise some players have nothing to win in that match and others have a guaranteed win. That should never be the case.

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Yeah I get thrown in those games occasionally (always in MCC) and it isn’t fun for anyone. I go like 35-2, we win or lose by 1-2 kills. Enemy team can’t enjoy it, my team definitely can’t with a combined 15 kills and 47 deaths between 3 of them.

Would rather it just didn’t do that. Even if I have to wait longer. I think still balance players like on ranked but allow for games to slip more one sided occasionally so players get the joy of stomping and the humility of being stomped. Without making these weird lopsided games where 1-2 players are severely more skilled than everyone else.


This is just not true. Not sure why you keep repeating this mantra.

This is not what people do and it is a miserable experience for many, especially people who want to play with friends, to be expected to play the same way all the time, especially when the system is designed to correct towards your “sweatiest” play.

343 hates social play. They want everything to be hyper competitive. They don’t want you to play with your friends. Everything about this game, including it’s hidden cross playlist MMR, is designed around people playing by themselves. This has been made quite obvious by the current season, it’s challenges, and its associated “bug” fixes.

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I’m starting to question if SBMM is even working correctly or casual has become more sweaty.

I say that because one of the things I liked about Infinite matchmaking was it seemed to adjust to me playing sub-optimally by giving me fun matches after losing.

Now it seems to just give me casual matches where everyone is tryharding and I lose 5 games in a row and wonder why I opened the game that evening. Not fun. I can get that stomped experience in Dead by Daylight, which is why I stopped playing it.

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Personally I think SBMM in Halo Infinite is just broken.

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My experience is that I can muck around in BTB / social and come back to ranked (where I play sweaty, albeit averagely) and I notice no difference.

And in the other direction I can sweat my afternoon away in ranked - yet when I join my mates in social we can lark around in the warthog trying go get splatters and assists (assuming Snoozer22 hasn’t driven over the cliff). And the games feel fine.

Honestly. The only difference is how I approach the games.

It’s always going to be difficult for friends of a wider range span.

The higher ones are going to have to carry. The lower ones are going to be cannon fodder for the other side.

There’s no other way.

If you want the opposition to be an even match for the lower ranked players in your group then the higher ranked ones are going on a feeding frenzy.

Which isn’t fair on the opposition.

It, unfortunately, is the nature of the beast.


The feeding frenzy thing is real, that’s how I explain it. There’s no way for a low skilled player to play with a high skilled player and not have to play better players. Otherwise ridiculously unfair for the other team.

Honestly, man this is ridiculously true.

I was almost Onyx 1,700 in ranked last season and I don’t even have to remotely try in most games of social. Especially BTB.

Social needs to be randomized, not based on skill. I have nothing else to say.

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