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Let me just say this before I go on to explain so I do not waste your time. I am 24 years old, and If you are below the age of 18, there isn’t a good chance you will want to be, or even allowed to be in this community. I hate to alienate a good portion of the community like this, but I have been in too many clans where it is filled with little kids who scream over their mics and are constantly complaining about anything and everything and have no accountability for their own actions.

If you are still here and reading, then you may be old enough, or mature enough to see whats in store, or have a sense of curiosity.

The Idea
I want to put together a community of players who enjoy playing the Halo series. A mature group who enjoys the game more often than they do complain about it. I will be honest and say that I don’t have as much free time as I would like to play this series, and I want the time that I do have to play online to be a pleasant time. Which is why I am looking to help like minded people get together and just play the game.

Clan Identity

Here is the thing, it’s not really set just to be a Clan that you must exclusively be a part of. Think of it more as a meeting place to gamers to get together and play socially and competitively with people they can work with or play against in friendly competition.

For those who would like to represent the organization clan thing, I plan on it being called:

The Night Watch
The clan itself is something I am building to make sure that those of us who don’t have too much free time to play halo, or any games for that matter, have a community they can come to and be able to enjoy that short amount of time. Even if it is just one game of matchmaking.

The clan will not be run by a military ranking set style, but be a set of fire team that you and your friends want to put together. Anyone can be a Fireteam leader, and you can be in Multiple Fireteams. This way you and your friends can make your own Identity within the clan and find a great team that you play well with and get along with.

Not only will you get to play with players in The Night Watch, but I want to seek out other clans and communities that would enjoy some competition and like minded players.

Territories Tournament
Now, the idea I have behind this may be a little complex, so if you like, you can skip to the summary at the next set of Bold letters
The idea I have for this involves using all of the Halo games with Matchmaking, so I will try to summarize this as much as possible.

Imagine all of the Halo maps in all the Halo games are a part of certain structure depending on the game it can be found in.

Here is and example situation.

Fireteam Alpha has control of 4 maps in Halo 3, and Fireteam Bravo has control of 3. Fireteam Bravo wants control of Guardian, but have to take Zanzibar first on order to take it, Zanzibar is also connected to Valhalla. so they challange Fireteam Alpha to a fight for Zanzibar. If Fireteam Bravo wins, the have claim on Zanzibar, and have access to attack both Valhalla and Guardian if they choose.

My idea is basically to have them all based on a halo structure, each game having two maps that have a teleporter that will carry them to another ring (game). All fireteams who join this tournament are battling out to gain the most territory on all the rings. The team with the most territory will win.

More details on this later on.


So there you have it, my idea to create a community for older/mature Halo players. If you read the first statement above and have made it to the end down here, it is not impossible for you to join this community if you are under 18, just understand that the people I had in mind when making this community was for older people who have jobs and family to take care of. I want to do my best to make sure that people who have little time to play have an enjoyable time. So if you think you can contribute to a project like this, feel free to message me or post below. Thank you.

Fire Team Composure
The fire teams for this community are for you and your friends to get together and work in a competitive environment. Whether it be for simple competitive Slayer or objective game types, or to compete in the territory wars with other Fire Teams.

The recommended team size is a team of 4 players for competitive play. However, when it comes to territory wars, it is recommended that you have 6-8 members in a Fire Team. Having 4 members is allowed for territory wars, but it is recommended to have more. Defending your territory is much easier when you have more guns shooting at attacking fire teams.

Below is the recommended team set up:

4 man team

  • Team Leader- Member- Member- Member6-8 man team

  • Team Leader- Team Lieutenant- Member- Member- Member- Member- Member- MemberThat is the recommended Team composure, however, you are free to build you team however you please.

Fire Team Alliances
While fire teams are limited to 8 members at the most, Fire Teams are allowed to form alliances with other teams. These Alliances are really more for the Territory Wars. Having established Alliances will allow friendly teams to use friendly territories as path ways to attack opposing teams.

More details on Territory Wars will be posted in a reserved slot at a later date.

Feel free to message me on Waypoint or on Xbox Live if you have any questions.

Territory Wars
In this section I will be showing off how Territory wars work. However, right now (5/12/15) I have no visual representation of the layout of the territories other than the sketched ones I have in my notebook.

To explain simply, It takes place on a Forerunner Shield type installation that forms by using bowl like structures containing a mass amount of terrain, with a max total of 6 terrain domes. All six Terrain domes are connected by a central Elevator support system that can be used to travel between the domes.

The idea is to have each dome representing each Halo game that is currently playable online. The MCC collection will count as 4 domes, one for each game.

_Current placement is not Final_

North: Halo: CE
East: Halo 2
South: Halo 4
West: Halo 3
Top: Halo 5: Guardians
Bottom: Halo: Reach

Each game will have their maps laid out around their respective domes and will be connected in certain patterns

Will be updated in a couple days


Interesting territory tournament thingy… Lol I will like to know more when you get it all figured out.

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> Interesting territory tournament thingy… Lol I will like to know more when you get it all figured out.

If you are interested or have some idea, feel free to let me know. This community is going to be built to be friendly to all players, whether they belong to a clan already or not.

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New Update *5/12/15

Map Territories

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