Please bring back the visual ammo counter

From Halo: Combat Evolved to Halo 5, ammo has been represented by a visual counter in the corner of your screen. This counter helps you keep track of your ammo and lets you know when it’s time to reload or switch your weapon.

When no action is going on, there’s basically no difference between a strictly numerical counter and a visual one. However, in the middle of a firefight your attention needs to be in the middle of your screen, with information from the edges of the screen being easily readable without looking directly at it. Enter: the visual ammo counter. When you have a Battle Rifle and you’re down to 3 shots, it’s so much easier to notice that when it’s little tally marks depleting out of the corner of your eye rather than needing to look at it to read the number “3”. Yes, it turns red and yes that does help a bit… but old habits die hard and many people just prefer having a visual indicator like we’ve always had.

I would support this being a toggleable option in the settings, too. So people who don’t care for it don’t have to have it while people who want it there, even just for the sake of familiarity or nostalgia, can flip it on. It just feels… naked without it.