Please bring back the BR battle riFle & wish list for all halo games

Changes that need to be made to weapons in all future and present halo games currently reach and anniversary edition and especially halo4

Who agrees with me that the BR (battle rifle) is the most epic weapon in halo history and we want to see it return for reach via part of the new update and content included in the halo combat evolved anniversary edition. We want to see most of all the battle rifle and beam rifle return. The two most powerful weapons need to be in reach the focus rifle is no match for human sniper and is also incapable of headshots enough time has passed that it makes sense that now these weapons have been discovered for reach they were in the books but in every armory on reach in the game not a single BR this is the biggest mistake in reach and has delivered the biggest blow to it’s most hardcore fanbase no other weapon since the halo ce pistol ten years ago has had such an impact. The assault rifle also needs to be a 64 round clip like it was in halo ce the pistol also needs more rounds since the current state of reach almost all weapons feel underpowered and require an entire clip to get a kill. The 5shot is almost a fable or myth mostly never possible due to the flow of the game enemies 90% of the time always get behind cover just as the shield breaks and they only require that last shot. Either the enemy runs behind cover or uses an armor ability to escape the last shot or you end up having to reload just before you get the kill let alone a double kill or more. So the biggest thing I would like to see the anniversary edition change reach for the better and make the DMR a 4 shot kill weapon since this timing and gameplay flow was perfect like it has been for years in halo2 and halo3 the 4 headshot formula was perfect. And usually 90% of the time it takes about 6-8 shots with the 4 shot formula just to get a successful headshot kill. So making it a 5 shot was just detrimental to the core gameplay and flow of timing just leaving too much in the air for lost kills that you did all the work for just to get robbed by an opportunist and get stuck with yet another assist and the opportunist who was lucky enough to only need to pull off 1shot gets rewarded with the kill you worked so hard for. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put 5 or more shots into my enemy just to get an assist stolen by either a team mate or opportunist in free for all my favorite game type. But the four shot needs to desperately be brought back to halo for reach in this update and most definitely carry over to halo4.

Wish list for fixes in reaches weapons via halo ce AE

Bring back battle rifle #1 request (we miss the BR so dearly).
#2 make the DMR a four shot kill (this rarely happens due to bloom and many other factors the 5 shot formula doesn’t work well for many reason such as stolen kills aka assist or enemy escapes or uses an armor ability and worst of all usually results in you getting killed. The 4shot just works perfect is difficult to pull off and has the perfect balance and timing with the pace of halo battles and requires a lot of skill to successfully pull off. The main reason it was taken out and nerfed was too many noobs who haven’t played halo since day 1 but just joined the fight in halo3 and complained since they just couldn’t get down in a month or 2 what it took core fanbase players years to master and this new 5shot is way too noob friendly and throws off the balance of the enitire game from lost kills down to the ratio of ammo to the amount of possible kills per clip which used to be 3 shielded enemies and is now barely even 1 too often we have to reload and spawn far from our team and or in the middle of a battle and are way out numbered we used to be able to get the shield down at least maybe a kill if lucky. But the point is this is a halo fundamental core gameplay mechanic and needs to be restored. In halo ce we found out the pistol was too powerful with 3 headshots rewarding a kill and found that in halo2 four shots was perfect for timing ammo team assist everything. In halo reach we found out how bad making it 5 shots for a kill ruins this perfect formula.

Bring back BR
Make DMR 4shot kill as well (how cool would DMR vs BR firefights be?)
The assault rifle needs to get an extended clip back to 64rounds as it was in halo1
The beam rifle needs to make a return just as it was in halo2&3 it’s the only true counter sniper weapon.
The pistol needs to come back with more ammo. And in the classic game modes playlist needs to be a gametype were the pistol is still a 3shot weapon to see how this would work in the online arena since it’s been ten years since we’ve had the original pistol but just for fun not in ranked playlist
The shotgun needs to have it’s range and damage brought back up to the original halo1 standard of all weapons the shotgun probably has gotten nerfed the worst. Maybe not quite exactly as powerful as it was in halo ce but it needs to be as close as possible to it’s original glory as well.
The rocket launcher needs to lock on to vehicles again like in halo2 this shouldn’t have ever been changed in halo3 and needs to return in halo4 all of these things above need to change for all halo games these are the things that worked best and never should have changed. I’ll update this list if i can think of more and please feel free to comment and add to it things that got nerfed in reach or any halo game and you would like to see restored. Ofcourse the 3shot pistol can’t ever be in a ranked style game since it would become over powered and make other weapons have no purpose and never get used like in halo1 the default starting secondary weapon everyone has was more powerful then a sniper rifle across the map and reduced the gameplay down to a pistol fight mostly so this woulnt make as much sense as the above suggestions that the community is begging for i have a list of 100 friends who agree on my main account thel33tmaster. And even friends I’ve met on other accounts and the majority of players I meet In matchmaking agree that these are the most important changes that reach and all future halo games need to have these parts of the game are what makes halo halo. And as great as it is so please fix it thanks for your time

…continued part2 of the please bring back the BR and halo4 & all other current halo games wish list

This is a wish list mainly for weapons changes so far for all halo games current and future but also another thing I came across a lot in halo reach multiplayer was when it came down to armor customization players were disappointed that the armor unlocks that we worked so hard for and so long spent millions of credits on and they turned out to be purely aesthetic. Yet they had descriptions like lighter weight or better mobility in flight or better for explosions. Some armor even had ammo for certain weapons so players agree that these aesthetic should also affect the players gameplay and loadout to fit the description of each piece of armor and give them these abilities and ammo so we cam actually feel that our character Spartan actually does get more powerful as we level them up and spend hard earned credits on them this is also what makes other fps games mp modes so addicting such as modern warfare and battlefield 3. The more we invest in our soldier the more unlocks we get and the more powerful we become. Halo4 should adopt a similar system though not as dramatic as in other games but just small things like the current armor descriptions in reach have such as lighter weight armor to run faster or an armor that helps survive explosions slightly. Increased mobility and lightweight flight gear. More ammo for certain weapons like collar breachers arm has shot gun shells and the sniper shoulder has 4 more sniper rounds. To even maybe other things such as better armor battery life for a slightly stronger shield or longer lasting armor ability by only like a half a second. These things wouldn’t make or break the game and cause it to be unbalanced as other games have given players much more flexibility in how powerful unlocks can be yet they still play well balanced. Mw for example BF 3 as well. Customizing our loadouts in halo4 is also a popular demand instead of just choosing preloaded loadouts we want to pick our own. Also we want to still be able to mix and match the armor not just for looks but for the advantages they would provide. Now onto the weapons

Every weapon that has ever been in any halo game before halo4 needs to make a return as well as all the previous vehicles and grenade types such as the spiked and flame grenade the flame thrower. So everything that has ever been made in the halo universe needs to make a return for halo 4. As well as these changes to weapons that are already currently in service and being used in reach but all the reach weapons need to be more powerful in halo4 like the focus rifle (nearly useless ATM) and others like the grenade launcher and maybe even concussion rifle. But here below is the post of traditional weapons the core halo weapons and changes they desperately need since in there current state they require too many shots and often a reload or switching weapons which ends up not working well especially when facing multiple enemies and are out numbered which occurs frequently so shallow clips has Been a huge problem in reach and for the AR in halo3 assaultrifle.
I will have to make another post for the rest since its too long for one post exceeds character limit so this is part2.
Again if u can think of anything else to add please post reply and please let me know if u also agree with not only me but countless amounts of other players friends and other players I meet in matchmaking have agreed and are begging for these changes in reach and all future halo games